Terms of trade

1. General information

Agreements are concluded with the association International Society for Ultrasound Guided Cryoneurolysis (CVR no: 43270850), which is an independent non-profit association. The association is registered.

Contact details:

Østerbrogade 62,2 th
2100 Copenhagen Ø

The following terms and conditions apply to every member of the International Society for Ultrasound Guided Cryoneurolysis (hereinafter referred to as ISUGC) and are intended to protect both you and us. By creating a membership with the Association, you declare and confirm your agreement to these Terms.

Membership agreements are concluded between an individual or company (hereinafter referred to as “the Member”) and ISUGC

2. Prices for membership

ISUGC offers the following memberships:

Membership for individuals: 55 EUR

Membership expires after 12 months.

All prices are quoted and charged in EUR. including VAT. Membership is paid in advance for a future period of 12 months and takes effect immediately after payment. Payment is confirmed by email.

The General Assembly of the Association may adopt any price adjustments, which will however only take effect for existing members upon subsequent renewal of membership.

All correct payments are final and non-refundable.

We reserve the right to make typographical errors.

3. Terms and conditions of sale and delivery

Memberships take effect immediately after payment, and payment is confirmed by email.

ISUGC keeps payment receipts as proof of membership for the entire membership period + 12 months.

According to the right of return and cancellation, the sale cannot be returned or cancelled.

4. Payment

The International Society for Ultrasound Guided Cryoneurolysis accepts payment via bank transfer. Payment will be debited from your account once you have selected membership and provided your payment method.

Membership is paid in advance for the next 12 months. It is automatically renewed before the payment deadline for the corresponding period via the payment method chosen at the time of creation, until the membership is terminated in writing by email to contact@isugc.org. Read more about valid termination under termination.

5. Right of return and cancellation

All ISUGC memberships are entered into for a specific period and commence immediately after payment, in accordance with the member’s consent; therefore, there is no right of return or cancellation of the payment of membership of ISUGC pursuant to Section 18 of the Danish Consumer Agreements Act.

6. Delayed payment

If an amount due is not paid on time, a reminder will be sent by e-communication after 14 days free of charge.

7. Membership term and termination.

Memberships take effect immediately after payment, and payment is confirmed by email. Membership expires after 12 months, after which it is automatically renewed unless membership is terminated before that time.

All memberships may be terminated at any time with one month’s notice to the end of the month in which the period expires. Any notice of termination must be given in writing by email to contact@isugc.org

There is no refund for termination of membership.

ISUGC has the right to terminate the membership of the member if this occurs before the payment of the member; in addition ISUGC can terminate a membership with immediate effect in case of non-payment, cf. LATE PAYMENT

In case of illegal or offensive behaviour or abuse of any kind, ISUGC reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate notice. Thereafter, the member will lose his/her membership rights.

8. Complaint

If a member would like to complain about ISUGC’s services, this must be done in writing by e-mail to contact@isugc.org.

9. Consent to the storage of personal data

By paying, the member agrees that ISUGC may keep the information necessary for ISGUC to provide the services included in the membership and that ISUGC regularly informs the member about meetings, news and other relevant information.

The information can include name, address, email, phone number, civil registration number and bank details.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by Danish law. Any disputes which cannot be settled amicably shall be settled by the Danish courts.

11. Final provisions

ISUGC has the right to change the terms and conditions applicable to any member. ISGUC also has the right to impose additional conditions at any time, without notice. However, changes with a negative and retroactive effect on the member will not affect the member unless the member accepts the new changes.